Pressure Washing Tricks You’ve Got to Try

Having a clean home is important to many people. Not only does it make your home look nicer, but it can also help to keep it in good condition. One of the best ways to clean the outside of your home is with a pressure washer.

Pressure washing can remove dirt, grime, and other build-ups from your siding, windows, sidewalks, and more. Plus, it’s a great way to prepare your home for painting or staining. Get more information here. 

Each pressure washing job presents its challenges. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give much thought to pressure washing your home. It’s just something that you do when it gets too dirty or when you need to prepare for painting. However, there are a few pressure washing tricks that can make the job easier and more effective.

Whether you’re dealing with a tough stain or just trying to get into those hard-to-reach places, there are a few tricks that can help you get the job done right.

1. Choose the right nozzle

The type of nozzle you use will determine the strength of the water stream. For most cleaning projects, a 40-degree nozzle will do the trick. But for tougher jobs, you may need a 0-degree nozzle, which will give you a more concentrated stream of water.

2. Start with low pressure

It’s always best to start with low pressure and work your way up. That way, you can avoid damaging your siding or other surfaces.

3. Use soap or detergent

Soap or detergent will help to loosen dirt and grime. Just be sure to rinse the area afterwards so that you don’t leave any residue behind.

If you’re dealing with a tough stain, using detergent first can help loosen it up before you start pressure washing. This will make it easier to remove and will also help prevent any damage to your surface.

4. Pre-treat tough areas

If you know you’ll be dealing with a tough area, like mildew or chalking paint, pre-treating it with a cleaner can help make pressure washing more effective.

5. Use An Extension Wand

Another pressure washing trick is to use an extension wand. This will help you reach those hard-to-reach areas without having to ladder. Just be sure to use the right attachment for your pressure washer so you don’t damage the surface.

6. Move the wand in a back-and-forth motion

This will help to ensure that you don’t miss any spots and that the water pressure is evenly distributed.

7. Move the wand in a circular motion

When pressure washing, moving the wand in a circular motion will give you the best results. This method will help loosen stubborn dirt and grime and ensure that all areas are evenly cleaned.

8. Hold the wand at a 45-degree angle

This is the ideal angle for pressure washing. Holding it any closer to the surface could damage it, and holding it any further away will make it less effective.

9. overlap your strokes

When you’re pressure washing, be sure to overlap your strokes so that you don’t miss any spots.

10. Rinse the area afterwards

Once you’ve finished pressure washing, be sure to rinse the area with clean water. This will help to remove any soap or detergent residue.

When rinsing your surface after pressure washing, start from the top and work your way down. This will help prevent streaking and ensure that all of the soap and detergent is removed.

11. Let the area dry completely

It’s important to let the area dry completely before you walk on it or apply any paint or stain.

Pressure washing is a great way to keep your home clean and in good condition. By following these tips, you can make sure that the job is done right and that your surfaces are left looking like new. So, next time you’re ready to tackle that big cleaning project, remember to give these tips a try.

You may be surprised at how much easier it is than you thought.

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